The New York Insurance Association is thrilled to unveil Thank Goodness for Insurance aka TGFI! The goal of this campaign is to educate consumers about insurance. TGFI is multifaceted and will be rolled out over the coming months and include information about auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, business insurance and renters’ insurance as well as offer helpful insights on trending topics. As part of the unveiling of TGFI, we are excited to release Better Together, a publication that illustrates the giving nature of the property and casualty insurance industry. The publication specifically highlights a number of different volunteer projects and overarching philanthropic efforts by NYIA member companies across New York State. We know our members are committed to providing financial security to their policyholders, but also they take great pride in being highly engaged in the communities they serve. We want the message to resonate that the insurance industry is thankful for the opportunity to be there for people during their toughest moments and takes the responsibility very seriously. Insurance is woven into society and provides people with peace of mind, but may not be top of mind until it is needed. TGFI seeks to educate people about insurance so drivers, homeowners, business owners and renters can consider the role insurance plays in their life and make more informed decisions.



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