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Go to to find out: Which phase of reopening your region is in; the industry guidance for each phase; regional dashboards for monitoring how the virus is being contained; and information on loans for small businesses.

Regions in phase four will be permitted to hold social gatherings of up to 50 people; and indoor religious gatherings will be allowed at up to 33 percent of the indoor site's capacity.

CDC Guidelines

Industry Guidance & Reopening

Mandates for Businesses to Reopen
(6/8/20) UPDATED

The New York State Department of Health has issued reopening guideline documents for industries allowed to reopen. These guidelines are minimum requirements only and any employer is free to provide additional precautions or increased restrictions. These guidelines are based on the best-known public health practices at the time of each Phase of the State’s reopening, and the documentation upon which these guidelines are based can and does change frequently. The Responsible Parties are accountable for adhering to all local, state and federal requirements relative their business activities. The Responsible Parties are also accountable for staying current with any updates to these requirements, as well as incorporating same into any business activities and/or Site Safety Plan.

Applicable to ALL Businesses

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Governor Cuomo's Executive Orders

  • No. 205  Quarantine Restrictions on Travelers Arriving in New York  (6/24/20) 
  • No. 202.38  Extends Executive Order 202.13 to July 6. This executive order, and corresponding emergency regulation, provide for policyholders, who demonstrate a financial hardship, a moratorium on cancellations, nonrenewals and conditional renewals as well as premium deferrals. Given the amount of changes and extensions related to Executive Order 202.13 and the emergency regulation, NYIA reached out to the Governor’s office for confirmation on the most recent extension. The Governor’s counsel has confirmed to NYIA that this latest executive order extends the date to July 6. (6/6/20) 
  • No. 202.35  Extends a multitude of provisions put in place by previous orders until June 28, 2020. (6/3/20)
  • No. 202.34  Authorizes businesses to deny entry to individuals not wearing a mask. (5/28/20)
  • No. 202.31  Extends a multitude of provisions put in place by previous orders until May 29, 2020. (5/14/20)
    • Provided, however, that effective at 12:01 a.m. on May 15, 2020 that the reductions and restrictions on the in-person workforce at non-essential businesses or other entities shall no longer apply to Phase One industries (Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, Retail - (Limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off); Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade).
    • Such businesses or entities must be operated subject to the guidance promulgated by the DOH;
    • Only those businesses or entities in a region that meets the  prescribed public health and safety metrics, as determined by the Department of Health, will be eligible for reopening.
  • No. 202.28  Extends a multitude of provisions that were put in place by previous orders. All property and casualty provisions in Executive Order 202.13, which were further extended in Executive Order 202.14 until May 7, have now been extended until June 6, 2020. (5/7/20)
  • No. 202.18  Mandate all people in New York to wear masks or face coverings when operating or taking public or private transportation carriers or riding in for-hire vehicles.(4/17/20)
  • No. 202.17  Mandate all people in New York to wear masks or face coverings in public. (4/15/20)
  • No. 202.16  Mandate Businesses to Provide Employees with Masks. (4/12/20)
  • No. 202.14  Extends previously issued Executive Orders (including Executive Order 202.13) until May 7, 2020. (4/7/20)
  • No. 202.13  Creates moratorium regarding cancellations, non-renewals, and conditional renewals. (3/29/20)
  • No. 202.8  All businesses shall reduce the in-person workforce at any work locations by 100%. (3/18/20)
  • No. 202.7  Allowing a document to be notarized using audio-visual technology as long as a list of conditions are met. (3/19/20)
  • No. 202.6  All businesses shall reduce the in-person workforce at any work locations by 50%. (3/18/20)
    No. 202.4  Allowing non-essential personnel to be able to work from home or take leave without charging accruals. (3/16/20)
  • No. 202  Declaring a Disaster Emergency in the State of New York (3/7/20)
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