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Call to Action: Protect Homeowners from Roofing Scams


NYIA is looking to advance the “storm chaser” legislation that our members voted on as a priority item for the association, and WE NEED YOUR HELP. We judiciously activate our grassroots network, but think this is a time when input from companies like yours will go a long way in getting the bill passed in both houses. We encourage you to ask your employees to join in this grassroots effort.

To participate, simply copy and paste the text below into an email, fill in the specifics about your company and send the message to your state Senator and Assemblymember. If you don’t know your legislators’ names you can search for your Senator using the Find Your Senator feature or viewing the District Map on the Senate website and your Assemblymember using the Search by Address feature on the Assembly website.

Text of email to legislators:

I am writing from [INSERT COMPANY NAME], a property and casualty insurance company doing business in New York with [INSERT NUMBER OF] policyholders, about the need for greater consumer protections for homeowners recovering from a disaster.

I urge you to SUPPORT S3897A/A3246A and safeguard New Yorkers and insulate communities. The bill will protect homeowners from scam artists and ensure their homes are properly and safely repaired after a catastrophe.

New York should follow the lead of the more than 20 states that have already passed similar legislation and discourage scam artists from taking advantage of the residents of our state. The passage of this bill will enhance consumer protections and help homeowners at a time when they need it most.

The vast majority of roofers are honest and principled, but there are a select few who prey on disaster victims to line their own pockets. Too often after a catastrophe, scam artists flock to the affected area claiming to be qualified roofing contractors, targeting the elderly and the vulnerable to make some quick cash.


These fly-by-night operations perform shoddy or incomplete work—crowding out legitimate local businesses—or simply take a homeowner’s money and run. New York saw this occur with a number of extreme weather events experienced across the state. Please support this legislation and put stronger safeguards in place for our state’s residents.